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Résultat de recherche d'images pour "mark hurd"In this day and age company executives need to do all that they can to be able to get an edge over their competition. You simply can’t afford to hope that the ideas that you are implementing or the vision you have created your company are going to work just because you would like them to do so. You have to seek an edge so that you can stay ahead of your competition and be able to keep them from gaining on you.

This is where Oracle CEO Mark Hurd has proven himself to be a true master. During his time as the head of the company as well as during his stint as the CEO at Hewlett-Packard, Hurd has truly set himself apart as an innovative genius, who not only understands the direction that the market is going, but also is able to apply his wisdom and insights into taking a company to the next step.

While Hurd is incredible at garnering his insights into success for his corporations, he is also quite successful at teaching and inspiring others to be able to take their own businesses to the next level as well. If you click here, you can see some of the great ideas and teachings that he provides that can assist you in being able to improve your management skills and your vision for the future.

It’s not every executive that has an opportunity like this to be able to learn from one of the best, but Mark Hurd provides his insights and ideas on the site so that you can learn how to properly implement some of these ideas yourself. This is a golden opportunity for you to gain insights from one of the true geniuses in the tech world, whose management style and expertise set him apart from the vast majority of executives.

Popular Technique OF Facebook Fan Page Domination

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "fan page"The Fan page domination by Anthony Morrison teaches how to dominate the fan pages and Facebook advertisements. It is a step by step process to be followed that helps you to make your fan page popular and monetize it. It shows how to create and build a Fan page, basically it is all about viral marketing. The Fan page domination method helps you to grow your fan page quickly and create huge followings on the social media platform.

The technique gives the fan page a massive organic reach to millions of people by hitting the content which has the capability to go viral because it gives results very quickly.

The model follows a specific process to create a popular fan page-

  • Create a Facebook Fan Page
  • Write content posts that can go viral
  • Next, just monetize the thank you page
  • Create a long email list and monetize it

Start a contest- The technique suggests to create contest and to promote it to the followers. The followers share it, like it and may be opt to be on your email list. You can also make money if they opt for the Google ads and get placed on the thank you page.

This technique works because the followers want to win the prize and hence they share and like it. When they share, their friends also repeat it and make it viral. This product is not a scam and it works efficiently to make online business work. Though it is an expensive product but it produces organic results. It is a very high end product that would make your fan page popular very quickly.

As per the Fan Page Domination Anthony Morrison review, you can go for this technique to create a popular fan page and monetize it.

Viruses That Fight Brain Tumors

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Brain Tumors"Brain Tumor Incidence. Data from the Central Brain Tumor Registry of the United States predicted that more than 40,000 new cases of primary brain tumors would be diagnosed in the United States in 2017. Primary brain tumors are those that arise within the substance of the brain and spinal cord. Tumors that develop in the central nervous system as a result of metastatic growth are not considered primary brain tumors. Irrespective of their initial source, malignant brain tumors carry with them a very poor prognosis for the patient.

Current Treatments for Brain Tumors. For the vast majority of tumors in the central nervous system (CNS), therapies have relied on three typical treatments:

  1. a) The surgical excision of as much tumor as possible, if surgery is even possible
  2. b) Radiation therapy to try and destroy as many malignant cells as possible while limiting damage to surrounding normal brain tissue.
  3. c) Systemic or locally administered chemotherapy to stop tumor growth

Not surprisingly, all of these approaches have their own limitations and difficulties. Treating malignancies in the brain can be an exceedingly arduous task and the returns for the patient can sometimes be minimal.

Using Viruses to Fight Brain Tumors. The idea of using viruses to fight and kill cancer cells has been around for several years. Don’t get this wrong, viruses are nothing like brain pills. Many different types of viruses that are capable of infecting cancer cells can be grown in laboratories in large enough quantity to be useful. However, in order to be as safe as possible for use, most of these viruses have been crippled in their ability to reproduce themselves. In numerous published tests, different ‘engineered’ viruses have been shown to infect some, or even many, tumors but their utility in destroying the tumors has been rather limited. For many of these tests the viruses were injected directly into tumors that were present in laboratory mice. Needless to say these studies required a great deal more experimentation before they might be tested for use in humans.

A New Viral Approach. In The Journal of Neuroscience, a new viral approach to the treatment of brain tumors was reported by researchers at Yale University School of Medicine (1). Using a modified, laboratory grown version of a virus known as Vesicular Stomatitis Virus (VSV), they reported a very high success rate in infecting and killing brain tumors in mice. Some key features of their work included:

  1. a) The VSV that they were using was still able to reproduce itself
  2. b) It was delivered via intravenous injection and was still able to infect the brain tumors
  3. c) The virus infected the tumors, replicated itself to keep infecting more tumor cells, and appeared to not infect surrounding normal tissue.
  4. d) The strain of virus had been grown in the lab to be specific for a particular type of brain tumor cells.

Will this be Applicable to Treating Brain Tumors in the Future? The strain of VSV that was used in these studies had a high affinity not only for brain tumor cells but also for other cancer cells. It did show a high degree of specificity for infecting and killing tumor cells only, an outcome linked, the researchers believe, to the fact that normal cells typically have the capacity to fight off this virus while many cancer cells do not. One of the possible shortcomings of this study is the fact that the studies were conducted in mice with compromised immune systems, making it unclear if this technology would work in animals with normal immune function. While it will certainly be some time before these approaches are clinically useful, nonetheless, these studies are quite promising and may herald a new direction in the use of viruses for development of therapeutic approaches for brain tumors.

Mind Control and Brain Manipulation

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "mind control"The story of Matilda told by Roald Dahl traces the life of a little girl who could control things with her mind, sending objects flying around the room all according to her will. Telekinesis, a subject much debated amongst enthusiastic brain scientists and spiritual gurus over the past century is now becoming a reality in everyday lives, beginning with the lives of this generation’s children.

Mattel and Uncle Milton’s Brain Training Toys

Recent advancements in brain research and technology have lead to the production of a new type of toy that is suitable for children aged 8 to 16 yet astounds even an adult of 95. These new “mind over matter” toys are the first in a line of amazing new findings concerning the controlling of objects by the pure energy of thought. Advanced toy manufacturers such as Mattel and Uncle Milton are working on a series of highly technical toys that may change the future and course of many lives.

Mattel has created brain pills that rely solely on the power of the mind to operate. A small sensor that looks much like a headset with a microphone is put on the operators head. The sensors built into the headset are capable of picking up certain brain wave transmissions from the inside of the skull and relaying them back to the receptor where a small ping pong ball is located on a type of obstacle course. The operator of the toy focuses on lifting the ball. The receptors pick up the particular brain frequency and lift the ball using a small fan underneath. The harder the operator concentrates the higher the ball goes.

A similar toy has been produced by toy creator Uncle Milton; a model of the dark lord of Star Wars, Darth Vader. The Action figure model holds a lightsabre in his hand which lights up when the operator concentrates.

Neurosky, Life Improvement Technology

These new advancements in toy manufacturing are merely the beginning of a much greater series of inventions yet to unfold. Neurosky, the company responsible for the development of this new technology is working on bold schemes to provide inventions to aid all manners of fields such as automotive, health-care and education. Neurosky first began developing this technology when it placed a sensor inside the head of a monkey. The monkey successfully controlled a robotic arm linked to the sensor through the power of its own thought waves.

Developers are working on products and ideas that would totally transform the lives of the disabled: prosthetic limbs that could be consciously controlled and maneuvered by thought, and a wheel chair that could operate without the use of any physical exertion. These are just some of the possible constructions of the future.

Research is also underway on how products such as these may benefit those who suffer from mental disorders such as schizophrenia and ADHD. Massive improvements and training programs could be implemented into methods of brain training and “rewiring” the brain to think differently, thus curbing the symptoms of other illnesses such as Tourettes and obsessive compulsive disorder.

Brain Harmonics and Frequencies

Other research complements this mind over matter technology. There is research on the use of frequencies known as “brain harmonics” – certain sound waves that cause the brain and body to react according to the different types of emitted frequencies. Brain harmonics can be used in achieving different states of mind or consciousness, for example changing ones feeling of depression into a more ecstatic or happy state or changing a feeling of being unmotivated and drowsy to a state of creative inspiration and aloofness.

Non lethal weapons are also being introduced into defense and military technology using these particular frequencies. There has been speculation around the use of a weapon that can emit a powerful sound wave that could temporarily incapacitate a person, causing nausea, vomiting and even disrupt internal organs.

Such inventions could prove handy in crowd control situations or modern warfare. Of course the use of such weapons is controversial.

As with the improvement and advancement of technology, it can always only go one of two ways: the way of helping and forwarding our species towards a more civilized, liberated and beneficial state or that of using our technological improvements to destroy and debilitate our society.

With so much scope in what is yet to be seen in the future it is always hard to imagine what we have yet to discover. One thing is for certain and that’s that the future is never certain! So whatever may come of these amazing new ideas, they will bring about controversy and as always, moral dilemma. In the end though, life always moves forward and the discovery of new sciences is what motivates mankind to keep living.

Is Carrageenan Safe To Use During Pregnancy And Breastfeeding?

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Carrageenan"As a new mom or upcoming mom, it is only natural to take good care not only of yourself and your infant or belly, but also to whatever comes in contact with you and your future child. It is natural to sometimes overreact or even consider the surrounding persons are not careful enough with the sensitivity of your newborn or future newborn. It is also extremely natural to want to offer your child the best support, a loving home and environment as well as the perfect diet for it to grow strong.


And since nutrition pays a vital role in the development of your child from the embryo to adulthood, upcoming moms will always look for the best solutions when it comes to their children’s diet. Sure, breastfeeding saves a lot of stress and money and creates a miraculous bound between the mother and the baby, but breastfeeding is not always possible for moms. Some infants reject their mother’s breasts while some mothers may encounter problems or unbearable pains during breastfeeding and decide to stop doing this.


So, under these circumstances, what are the available alternatives for a balanced and nutritious diet? Obviously, baby formula is the number one and the only safe alternative offered by the market and the entire medical society when it comes to replacing breastfeeding. But since there are so many brands offering this type of products how can you be sure you made the right choice?


Carrageenan represents a food additive of vegan and vegetal provenience highly used in the food industry as a thickening agent. It is mainly found in dairy products and processed meat products, but you can also find it in baby formulas and a wide array of other food products.


For mothers out there it is important to know that carrageenan represents a safe ingredient approved by the FDA and the Joint Expert Committee on Food Additives.

Baby Diapering With The Soft And Healthy Diapers

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Diapers"Parenting is quite challenging, especially for those who have become parents for the first time. One of the things which make the parents confused is selecting the diaper for their child. There are lots of brands of baby diapers that are available in the market which can make the parents confused to pick the right diaper for their loving child. These days, two main categories of diapers are available which include disposable diapers and Cloth diapers. The first type of diapers is convenient to use and there is no leakage however, it can cause itchiness and rashes. Thus, the latter type of diaper is now preferred by the parents.

Stylish cloth nappies

Cloth diaper is like the traditional cloth nappy but it is more stylish and more comfortable to use. It is also soft and gentle on the skin of the baby.  Most of the parents get the image of a big handkerchief which is tied with safety pin, when they think about the cloth nappies. But these days cloth nappies are stylish like the diapers and available in an uncountable range of colors. It either has Velcro or small buttons which are safe to use and fit the nappies like the diaper pants.

Reasons to use the cloth nappies

Here are some of the reasons for which the cloth nappies are considered:

  • Cloth nappies are reusable: Unlike the disposable diapers this type of diapers are washable and hence can be reused very easily.
  • Cloth nappies are affordable: Since the cloth nappies or diapers are reusable, it saves lots of money on buying the new nappies.
  • Have friendlier feature: It is the fact that cloth nappies or diapers have the more absorbent feature as compared to the disposable diapers. It is not mandatory to change the cloth nappy even if the child is wearing it for a long time. Cloth nappies are skin friendly and eco friendly as it does not contain any types of chemicals and is made from cotton.

Read Epilator reviews to select the best epilator for your skin

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "epilator"Are you using the Epilator for the first time? However, does it suit your skin well? Confused! Well, there are several types of Epilators that are available in the shops with their own specialties. Each one is different from the other and comes in a pack with necessary accessories. So this might confuse you like other women to pick up the best Epilator which also suitable to your pocket. Here are few Epilator reviews that might help you largely in the selection process.

  • The Epilators come in three different types. One with spiral, the other with rotating disc and the last one comes with plates. The spiral Epilator has spirals that rotate and remove the hair; the rotating disc has the similar technique while the plates move back and forth to remove your hair.
  • When you go to purchase an Epilator, you should be clear whether you would use it on dry skin or wet. The dry Epilator no doubt gives amazing results but the wet Epilator is quite popular as it leaves a smoothing effect on your skin leaving it moisturized with less pain.
  • The selection of the Epilator also depends on the number of tweezers it carries. If you select an epilator with fewer tweezers, the results would be similar but it would consume more time as compared to the Epilator with more tweezers.
  • The purchase of Epilator also depends on the level of pain one can handle as it removes the hair from its roots. There are several Epilators, which come with an accessory package including cool package, cool gel and much more, which would work on healing your pain.

Hence, one can select the best Epilator by going through its specimen and area of usage for less painful results.

Mark Hurd – A Big Name In The IT Industry

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "mark hurd"Mark Hurd the Oracle CEO is a successful businessman and a great person in himself. He joined the company in 2010 as a member of board of directors. The Oracle Corporation has hired Mark for the 30 years experience that he brings with himself to the company. Mark has experience in technology industry leadership, managing the executives of company, and how to enhance the customer’s satisfaction level in favor of the company. Mark has earned a tennis scholarship in his school days and a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

Corporate strategies and achievements

Mark’s corporate strategies are very simple and effective. Mark focuses on three things: Leadership, Innovation and the customers. His aim is to provide the customers with best and innovated service which can help them to save some money. Before Joining Oracle, he was working with HP. Mark has served HP as a member of board of directors as well as the CEO of the company. Mark has used his experience and business strategies to take HP to new heights but unfortunately he has to resign from the company because of the sexual harassment case that was filed against him by one of the female contractors of HP. Before joining HP, Mark has been working with the NCR Corporation. This was his first company in which he has started his career. After completing his graduation, Mark has joined NCR Corporation as the sales person for the company. He worked with the company for 25 years and earned a lot of experience in NCR Corporation. In his tenure of 25 years, Mark was offered with many positions and responsibilities in the company. He has held various positions in operations, management, marketing, and sales of the company. Later he was named as the president of the company and after few years he was offered with the position of CEO of the company.

CEO Mark Hurd Providing Direction to Tech Giant Oracle

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "mark hurd"With technology advancing exponentially each day, the heads of these corporate giants are challenged to make sure that they not only are innovative in the way that they think, but that they have right people and the right technology to keep people the company moving in the right direction. Oracle has established themselves as one of the leaders in technological advancements, and that has been because of CEO Mark Hurd.

The CEO joined the company in 2010, bringing with him over 30 years of experience within the technological industry, much of that being in a leadership role. It was Hurd’s keen leadership skills that really set him apart from a lot of the other candidates, making him the ideal choice to lead the company into the second decade of the 21st century.

Hurd immediately set out to create strategies and visions that would ensure that customers, partners of the company, shareholders, and investors could feel like their voice was being heard and that the advancements made at Oracle had an eye on the future.

When taking the position, Hurd made it a defining practice to ensure that what he described as “those best-of-breed pieces” were properly integrated to ensure that the maximum performance of the company was achieved.

Oracle has become one of the leaders in providing technological innovations for both the private and public sectors, and continues to do so by providing quality technology, both in the software and hardware arenas, that is affordable and ensures safe, secure success for any organization that is entrusted their business to Oracle.

It is because of the insight and direction that CEO Mark Hurd has provided that Oracle has his name among the tech giants of the industry, including such names as Microsoft, Seagate, and Apple. The years ahead look quite bright for the tech giant.

Gold IRA: Know About The Advantages Of Growing Trend As Your Savings

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "gold ira"People who are highly concerned about making investment for their future savings and plans should make secure savings by holding or purchasing gold coins or bullion as it can be even beneficial for the future generation. Your best retirement saving strategy with the precious metals account or gold IRA account is an IRA (individual retirement account) in which approved precious metals or gold for the benefit of the IRA owner is held in the custody. One must also know that gold IRA is quite similar to the regular IRA but in the place of holding paper assets, you have to hold physical bullion bars and coins. If you are also interested to make investment in your precious metals then you should learn about the different ways and know more about the investments through https://www.focusontheuser.org/gold-ira-rollover/.

Understanding about some advantages of gold rollover

Tax advantages                                                                                   

The US congress has established IRA account in order to encourage Americans to save money. This scheme is really very awesome as amount of annual savings are not taxed. This not only helps people to save money on the taxes but also as the future or retirement savings. People should understand about the most fundamental advantages of the gold IRA accounts as it encourages investments and savings.

Huge demand for the gold

Other than the gold, there are many more precious metals that even have valuation higher than gold. One should also understand that valuations of the other precious metals can also be temporary but gold has strong baseline demand and industrial market. In the form of industrial raw material and even jewelry, the demand of the gold is never ever going to reduce. People making investment in the Gold should have stable business base as there can also be some mild swings in the pricing of the gold.