Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Bamboo Toothbrushes"Tooth brushes are playing a vital role of cleansing teeth in our daily routine. Brushes are made of plastic as well as from wood but more reliable are the wooden brush. . The brushes made from the wood of the bamboo tree are really preferable the paddle is made from the wood and crystals are made of nylon.  Bamboo tree is regarded as the best and naturally occurred tree no pesticides are required for its growth. In today time the problem of swollen gums as almost common among the people it is due to the harsh bristles of the plastic brushes. Dentist has given the approval to the wooden brush. The bamboo tandenborstel has proved the best in making our teeth clean with perfection.

Why wooden brush has proved very beneficial?

This brush is assemble to all healthcare is considered as the fundamental right of every human. We should also take care towards our teeth. The brushes made from the bamboo tandenborstel are proved very reliable for taking care of our teeth and soft gums.

  1. The charge create by the Wooden brush is neutral it doesn’t create any side effect to us as compared to the plastic brush.
  2. The durability of these brushes is long.
  3. These brushes are eco friendly it doesn’t harm our gums.
  4. The packing of this brush is fully conscious to the environment biodegradable.
  5. This plant is cultivated without the use of pesticides and insecticides so tooth brush made from the bamboo are really hygienic.
  6. Available in 3 styles medium bristle, soft bristle as well as specially designed very soft bristle toothbrush for kids.
  7. Bristles are made up of nylon not of BPA.

Bamboo Tandenborstel wooden brushes are extremely popular and you can buy one according to your needs.