Matthew David Parker is a renowned professional photographer who works as well as lives in New York. Parker said that photography is not only art for him but photography is his soul. Parker said that for many people New York might have normal buildings and residential areas but he is not like others because he is fascinated by the charm of building or residents of New York.  New York is not just a city for him but it is actually a part of his life and almost a life line.

His journey

He had a passion for photography since the early age of 8 but he became professional at the age of 20. He said that his story of becoming a professional photographer is very dramatic because one of his friends needed a headshot and he took it in such a perfect way that his friend told about him to his other friends. Since then he started earning from his skills and has now become a renowned photographer.

He has become the best photographer in New York and he has also become the co-founder as well as principal of company Matthew David Parker photography. His company provides you the best travel, landscaping and aerial photography. He is himself known as a veteran and master of these photography and most of the young photographers admire his work and want to get training from him.

He is very passionate about the New York City and in a recent interview said that he wanted to show the real lifestyle of New York City to the world. In all his photography work, you will get to see the shots of the buildings and other parts of New York.  In order to get the best photographs, he also makes use of cannon and Nikon equipments. It helps him to take the perfect shot with crystal clear picture quality.