Résultat de recherche d'images pour "epilator"Are you using the Epilator for the first time? However, does it suit your skin well? Confused! Well, there are several types of Epilators that are available in the shops with their own specialties. Each one is different from the other and comes in a pack with necessary accessories. So this might confuse you like other women to pick up the best Epilator which also suitable to your pocket. Here are few Epilator reviews that might help you largely in the selection process.

  • The Epilators come in three different types. One with spiral, the other with rotating disc and the last one comes with plates. The spiral Epilator has spirals that rotate and remove the hair; the rotating disc has the similar technique while the plates move back and forth to remove your hair.
  • When you go to purchase an Epilator, you should be clear whether you would use it on dry skin or wet. The dry Epilator no doubt gives amazing results but the wet Epilator is quite popular as it leaves a smoothing effect on your skin leaving it moisturized with less pain.
  • The selection of the Epilator also depends on the number of tweezers it carries. If you select an epilator with fewer tweezers, the results would be similar but it would consume more time as compared to the Epilator with more tweezers.
  • The purchase of Epilator also depends on the level of pain one can handle as it removes the hair from its roots. There are several Epilators, which come with an accessory package including cool package, cool gel and much more, which would work on healing your pain.

Hence, one can select the best Epilator by going through its specimen and area of usage for less painful results.