Sexting is getting very popular these days and most of the naughty people are using it to make their life even more spicy and hot. In a recent study, it has been stated that 50% of the people have done sexting at least once in their life. Considering the huge numbers, many people have decided to launch their own sexting websites which will help the people to meet with each other as well as have some intimate fun at the same time. There are also many girls who sext on a daily basis. You can find many such girls on sexting websites. There are a few things that can make your sexting safe, secure and entertaining. You can consider following things while doing sexting.

Never show your face: The first thing that you need to consider while sexting is never show your face in the video or in the pictures that you are sending to the people on the other side. Doing so will hide your identity and all the types of threat to your identity will be compromised instantly. If you are doing sexting with your life partner or with anyone whom you trust, then only you can include your face in the picture or in the video. Otherwise try to avoid showing your face.

Do tease your partner: Most of the people do sexting because they want the temptation to make an impact deep within inside your mind. Showing everything at once will definitely kill all the excitement which is generated inside your partner. So, tease him a bit by sending each photo one by one after a certain time period. Simple message and pictures will arouse him.

Don’t hurry: Don’t hurry while sexting. First know the person on the other side if she is comfortable with explicit messages or explicit pictures or explicit video. You can ask them if she has done sexting in past or it is their first time.