Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Kingsford Waterbay Showflat"Buying a show flat is a huge investment and needs a lot of scrutiny before buying them. Many people fail to check the details properly and hence feel disappointment when handed the keys. So here we are going to discuss some few things to check before buying a show flat.

Things to look in a show flat

  • To give your show flat some good aesthetic flow, the developer sometimes removes some walls while designing. According to the rule, a developer should show their buying the walls and how much thick they are. Some developers put tapes on the floor, so it becomes quite a difficult task to picture how your apartment will look after it is done. And if you want to remove any walls you need to see whether it can be taken down or not.


  • You must check the power sockets as the number of electronic appliances that you will use will only increase, so you need to make sure that your house has a socket in all the required areas. Like in the kitchen or near the place for T.V. You can definitely install power socket after your construction will be completed but it can lead to the spending of more bucks.


  • The show flat must be polished well. You should check the materials used and see the pros or cons. You can use marbles, but it will be costly. And in the kitchen, you will need the material that will have high-temperature


  • Showflat bathrooms look no less than spas. The fittings of the shower, sink, toilet and bathroom tap must be of great quality.

These are some few things that you must check before sealing the deal. You can also opt for Kingsford Waterbay Showflat as they have a good reputation in giving best quality show flats.